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For over 72 years the Mercury Class Yacht Racing Association (MCYRA) has been racing throughout California. For 2017 the class continues to thrive and grow with great racing throughout all of California.   We have expanded the class archive section with some great historical docs and images with more to be added. And as always use the site learn about our history of competitive racing on the water and and family oriented activities off the water.

In 2017 we continue to attract top sailors in the best California racing venues but we don't forget to have fun. With regattas hosted in the San Francisco bay area, Carmel, Monterey, Huntington Lake in the Sierras, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego great competition is close by and always a challenge! Our active regatta schedule has events occurring every month of the year.  Mercury sailboats are easy to store, trailer and launch. And you can get started on a budget with competitive used boats starting around $1000. For a closer look at a boat or a test sail as a crew contact a fleet representative

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'17-'18 Perry Cup Series


Racing resumes January 6, 2017! Get your boat out for some great fall sailing!

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December Perry Cup

15 Mercs competed in this month's racing in the Perry Cup Series. This brought the total of the competitors for all 8 races to 17. It was a sunny day and there was enough wind to get the Mercs to the starting area. It took a while for the race committee to set a course until a very weak breeze gave them decent direction. There was a swell running, but very little chop.

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Richmond YC Midwinters


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CBYC Fall One Design

First race was a one lap weather/leeward breeze was light 4-6 knots with a very short line it was hard to find clear air on the line but we all managed with no fouls. Second race the breeze built 6-8 slowly clocking around to the right. This ended up being a two lap race with a few chances downwind to pass but right side was pretty favored going up hill.

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2017-18 Perry Cup Opener

16 Mercurys entered the series opener. Three races Saturday and three on Sunday. The predicted weather was very unpredictable, heavy wind, light wind and maybe rain. The first race was light followed by a 15 knot breeze and then settling to shifty lighter air.

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From The Prez, December 2017.....

Mercury Class Members!

Our 2017 Mercury Class Racing season is winding down; let us reflect on some of the highs and lows……It has been non-stop exciting sailing, starting with Perry Cup #3 in January.

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RaceQs, Free Race GPS Tracking App...

As noted in in this month's "From The Prez..." article the MCYRA approved the use of GPS course tracking for post race review. How do you do this easily?

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