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For over 70 years the Mercury Class Yacht Racing Association (MCYRA) has been racing throughout California. For 2016 we have launched an updated website which will enable you to get the latest news from all your portable devices.  Explore the site to see our history of great racing with friends and family oriented activities.

As a competitive class attracting top sailors in the best California racing venues we don't forget to have fun. With regattas hosted in the San Francisco bay area, Carmel, Monterey, Huntington Lake in the Sierras, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and San Diego great competition is close by and always a challenge! Our active regatta schedule has events occurring every month of the year.  Mercury sailboats are easy to store, trailer and launch. And you can get started on a budget with competitive used boats starting around $1000. For a closer look at a boat or a test sail as a crew contact a fleet representative

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2016-17 Perry Cup Series

Perry Cup #2 December 3, 2016

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2016-17 Perry Cup #2

We had 14 mercs again. Four did not attend from the first weekend, but four different competitors entered. The sun was out bright and the breeze was north-west at about 8-10 knots. There was a swell, but not much,otherwise a pretty smooth sea. There were three races scheduled and all started with a twice around course, finishing downwind. There was no whale show on this day.

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2016 Perry Cup Opener

whale1The best attendance in years, 14 Mercs entered the Perry Cup regatta at the Monterey Peninsula YC. The weather was sunny with a 8-10 knot north westerly breeze as the day began. There was a swell with a little chop as the racing started. Race one had a very tight race between Jim and Kathy Bradley and Doug Baird with Kate Conway. The course was a twice around sausage finishing downwind. Bradley won with some good upwind work and Baird second. Tim Cordrey and Chris Dever, who were racing a Merc for the first time in many years, did a fine job and placed third. Dave Morris and Jared January were threatening the top group and had to settle for fourth. Peter Baldwin and Walter Smith, home from their Cal 40 division win in the Pacific Cup, placed fifth.

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2016 Perry Cup Series

2015-16 Perry Cup Finale

What a break in the weather. The sunny sky was warming, breeze was 5-8 and the sea was relatively smooth. Eight Mercs started and sailed a double sausage finishing downwind in each of the four races. The wind gradually shifted from the North to the West during the day.

Race one had those going on the port tack off the line picking up a nice shift that put them ahead. Doug Baird and Tim Cordrey led the way on both laps. Randy Smith and Debbie Newton placed second, staying ahead of Jack and Patti McAleer, who placed third.

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The Weather Mark
September 2016

Thanks to a lot of work by our inland sailors, Pat Bradley, Peter Baldwin and others, Huntington was filled with plenty of water for the annual Huntington Lake Regatta. The lake also hosted the Mercury Class Championship Regatta. With twenty nine entries Huntington Lake finally seemed happy again, it’s longest standing sailing class had returned to celebrate and compete.

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