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Mercury Sailors,
Not a lot of race reports due to weather related cancelled events.
There will be a chance this coming weekend if all goes well for sailing the last of the four part Richmond YC Midwinters Sunday March 3rd.

The NorCal Series starts this Saturday March 2nd
03/02/19 Race #1
04/06/19 Race #2
05/11/19 Race #3
06/01/19 Race #4
To sign up:
One piece of information that will be important, is that the club has gone “cashless” this year. No cash entries will be accepted.

Other news:, the Sail Small Boat Day at the Richmond YC was received well by interested people relatively new to sailing as well as some some experienced sailors trying different boats for the first time. www.richmondyc.org/Calendar/Event/13823~1393383~1
In particular, we had Jon Arndt (Editor of Lat38) steering a boat with me (Lyn Hines), and Kim Desenburg (boat builder, Rabbit sailor) sailing with Bill Worden. It quickly became an upwind/downwind race but it was fun. Chris Nash took out one boat and some 110 sailors took a spin as well.

SoCal Mercury fleet is rallying to be present for the Cinco de Mayo regatta... hope we can make it an event!

Lynn Hines

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2019 Nationals Notice of Race

The Notice of Race for the 2019 Nationals is now available. Click here to download

2019 NorCal Race Series

Notice Of Race, 2019 Mercury Class NorCal Series

Organizing Authority: Encinal Yacht Club, Alameda, CA

Sailing Dates:
•3/02/19 • 4/06/19 (Carmiggelt Regatta) • 5/11/19 • 6/01/19

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2019 Regatta Schedule

Click here or use the menu MCYRA > Schedule


2019 Homecoming NorCal Series #3 📸

Race three of the 4 part Encinal YC Mercury series was a perfect example of what sailing in the Estuary can be. Moderate breeze, flat water and sunshine. The wind settled in to Westerly with some good puffs towards the middle of day allowing for a 5 race day over paperclip courses two times around.

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2019 Cinco De Mayo/ROC Regatta 📸

Last weekend two NorCal teams (Doug Baird, Lyn Hines), 3 SoCal teams (Bob Burns, Park Densmore, Mike Burch) made the trip to Santa Barbara, as well as Santa Barbara GT, for the Cinco de Mayo Regatta hosted again by the Santa Barbara Sailing Club. The Santa Barbara Sailing Club was very enthusiastic to have Mercury's participating since they made up one of the largest fleets for the regatta except the Laser qualification trophies.

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Carmiggelt Regatta 2019 📸

The Carmiggelt Regatta was a success thanks to a break in the weather and the Encinal YC race committees willingness to launch races.

Because the predominant wind was crossways to the normal fetch of the Estuary,

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NorCal #1, March 2, 2019

Sailing in gray and occasional light rain the first race was a drifter, half sausage course (downwind finish at s/f line, wind out of south. Jim Bradley wins start, West finds a groove with new suit of prototype North Sails (first suit of Mercury sails in nearly half a century!) and wins first race. Randy Smith second, Jim and Kathy Bradley third. Two more dropped out with one directly headed to the great EYC bar looking over the Estuary.

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From the Prez, April 2019...

Well hello again all Mercury class members near and far!!
It’s time for a class update!!

So Perry Cup 2, 3, and 4 were canceled because of stormy weather as was Mid-Winters…..As many of us had hopes of getting the season back on track in March, Nor Cal #1 and So Cal #1 both were canceled due to, yep you guessed it, STORMY weather!

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Mercury Class News for March, 2019

Mercury Sailors,
Not a lot of race reports due to weather related cancelled events.
There will be a chance this coming weekend if all goes well for sailing the last of the four part Richmond YC Midwinters Sunday March 3rd.

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