2017 SoCal Series

L.A. Fleet and S.B. Fleet members...

May race date rescheduled to May 20, check with Park Densmore for details.
We are going to start racing opposite of the NorCal series and call it the SoCal series. Running one day of racing on the same day of the NorCal series.

Starting Saturday March 4th, then Saturday April 8th, Saturday May 13th, and Saturday June 3rd. We'll launch at CBYC and Mike Burch will help coordinate Race Committee. First race will be at Noon, and we'll try and get in 3 to 5 races. Basic windward / leeward courses. Just as they do for the NorCal series, entry will be $10.00. We'll plan to race all four Saturdays, in case you decide to race at the last minute.
This will be very informal, so the goal here is to provide more racing here in southern Calif., and build up our fleet! If you are having trouble getting a crew and want to sail, lets us know, we'll work on finding someone to go out with you. I have attached a copy of the S.I.'s that are used for the NorCall series as an example for how things will work. I'll write up one tailored to the L.A. series.
So, again lets dust those boats off (or pump them out) and get out and do some fun sailing!

Mercury 572

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