2020-21 Perry Cup

January 2, 2021  Perry Cup Racing IS CANCELED.

MPYC in working with the Monterey County Health Department felt this was the best way to avoid putting particpants at risk. 

Please carefully review the special Instructions for the 2020-21 Perry Cup listed below:

1) If you haven't already registered, the registration table will be on the MPYC deck outside the bar. Please socially distance as much as possible.
2) Trailer parking with attached car is available for a fee in the Depot lot at the corner of Del Monte and Figueroa. In the past unattached trailer parking (2 to a metered spot) has been allowed on the wharf, although it is technically against parking regulations; be sure that a paid tag is attached to one of the trailers in each spot.
3) MPYC bathrooms will be open; please limit occupancy to 2 people.
4) Boat hoisting will begin at 9:45 AM. We have the potential for 19 Mercs; please allow ample time so that we can start racing at noon as scheduled. After launching, boats may be rigged at the MPYC float, the floats along the seawall (except for the section for dive boats, marked in yellow) and the end-tie floats across from the hoist.
5) The forecast is for 9-14 knots with a high of 57 F.
6) Reminder: On-the-water announcements will be on VHF 68.
7) The MPYC Laser team will be practicing tomorrow (11:30-4:30). At the end of the day, please share dock space as much as possible as you derig.
8) For those who have arranged to store boats in the boatyard, contact Ryan McMillen at 831-596-1624.
9) Questions? Contact Jack McAleer. 

Download NOR and Entry Form Now!

Currently 17 boats are signed u for the series so it is a confirmed go!

You can now download the Sailing Instructions here!

The only modification (besides following COVID guidelines) is that the first weekend (the "Invitational") will be one day only, without separate trophies.

The dates are:
Sat, Nov 7
Sat, Dec 5
Sat, Jan 2 
Sat, Feb 6

Download The 2020-21  Perry Cup Series Notice of Race (NOR), click here!

 Download The 2020-21  Perry Cup Series Entry Form, click here!

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