2021 Results

The Mercury Class 2020 National Championships were held at Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club this past weekend.
Despite the current situation with Covid 19 and the restrictions we are under here in California, the regatta was a big success! The L.A. fleet did a wonderful job of staying within the guidelines required by the state for social distancing and large group gatherings.

Eleven Mercurys made it to the start line for all 5 races with a fairly wide range, and at times, challenging wind conditions. Thursday practice race was held in 15 knots of breeze with gusts to 18 out of the normal westerly direction. By the time the warning signal rang out for race 1 on Friday, conditions were a bit different. With remnants of the hurricane off Baja still effecting the southern Calif. weather, the wind had shifted to a more west/southwest direction. Very warm (sometimes hot) and humid conditions. Races were either a 1 lap, 2 laps, or 3 laps with down wind finishes. Breeze at the start of race 1 was in the range of 12 knots with a twice around sausage course and a down wind finish the racing was pretty tight with all 11 boats. Mike Burch and Greg Dair were first around, Chris Raab and Kenny Dair were second, John Kostecki and Shaun Sinawi were third, with class President Park Densmore and Eric Stassevitch 4th around. Chris Messano and Chris Villicich were around in 5th. The second leg places got jumbled up a bit, but Burch hung on to finish 1st, followed by Kostecki then Raab.
Race 2 the breeze was not as steady and was starting to drop a knot or two, but still pretty consistent with a west to southwest direction. 2 laps again, with Messano getting around the top mark first and never gave up the lead finishing first, Raab second, Randy and Kathryn Smith were 3rd, Kostecki 4th and Steve Jeppesen and Ken Maring in 5th. Race 3 the wind had dropped another couple knots and was really shifting to the Southwest. Raab had to hold off Eric and Tracy Conn who got second and Kostecki who placed 3rd for a tough win.
Day 2 was even lighter winds, as the race committee had postpone the start of race 4. Breeze slowly filled in and and things got under way. Wind was 5 knots max for the day and the direction had shifted all the way to the southwest. Once race 4 got going Kostecki, Densmore, and Raab went hard right as the balance of the fleet went left for a long way before heading right. Kostecki was first to the weather mark with Raab right behind him followed by Birch, Messano, and Densmore. The fleet was really spread out on the down wind leg with some boats going to the left side of the course and some going right. Kostecki held the lead all the way to the finish 1st, Burch snuck in for a second, Raab 3rd, and new comer to the class Randy Hecht sailing with Russ Silvestri came in 4th, with the Conn brothers getting the 5th spot. Race 5 was not any different as far as the wind conditions. At the start most of the fleet was stacked up against the committee boat with all wanting to get to the right quickly. There was 1 point separating 1st and 2nd place for the championship with Raab holding the slim lead. Raab and Dair got off to a nice lead and took the last race for the championship. Follow by Birch, Messano, Team Smith, and Kostecki.
Congratulations to Chris Raab and Kenny Dair for winning their 8th class championship. A big thank you goes out to the Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club for taking good care of us, and also to the race committee and all the support staff, including the mark boat and the photo boat. They did a fantastic job running all the races in some (at times) challenging conditions. A special thank you and a big pat on the back goes out to Mike Burch for handling all the details, including the take home trophies, hats, and photos of each competitor, as well as the social distancing keg party on Friday after racing and the BAR-B-QUE rib dinner for our not so normal national dinner.

Photos - Thank you Volker Corell

Skipper/Crew Sail # Name Club Division TOTAL R1


R3 R4 R5 Finish
Raab /Dair 570 Carbon Offset ABYC/CBYC Gold Fleet 10 10 3 2 1 3 1 1
John Kostecki Shaum Sinawi 463 2020 St. FYC Gold Fleet 15 15 2 4 3 1 5 2
Chris Messano Chris Villicich 408 Frenzy Too CBYC Gold Fleet 19 19 4 1 5 6 3 3
Mike Burch Greg Dair 472 Jade CBYC Gold Fleet 24 24 1 12 7 2 2 4
Randy Smith Kathryn Smith 543 Fast Break SFYC Gold Fleet 26 26 8 3 4 7 4 5
Randy Hecht Russ Silvestri 471 Niuhi St. FYC Gold Fleet 35 35 6 10 8 4 7 6
Eric Conn Tracy Conn 542 Ol' Skool A.B.Y.C. Gold Fleet 38 38 12 8 2 5 11 7
William "Greg" Clark David Shoemaker 475 "Q" CBYC Gold Fleet 38 38 5 7 9 11 6 8
Steve Jepersen Ken Maring 584 Gator St. FYC Gold Fleet 39 39 9 5 6 10 9 9
Park Densmore Park Densmore 572 PAW STYC Gold Fleet 42 42 7 6 11 8 10 10
Robert Zellmer Julie Coll 532 Karina TPYC / Signal Hill YC Silver Fleet 49 49 11 11 10 9 8 11
Thomas Priest Dan Schiff 468 Misbehavin TPYC Silver Fleet 55 55 10 9 12 12 12 12
David West Chris Krueger 429 Space Invader Richmond YC Gold Fleet 70 70 DNS - 14 DNC - 14 DNC - 14 DNC - 14 DNC - 14 13

All photos by Volker Corell


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