Championships, Perpetual Trophies

A History of the Mercury Class Yacht and the Mercury Class Yacht Racing Association

A practical boat for all weather sailing at a moderate price is just as true today as it was in the early 1940’s when Ernest Nunes was advertising his new Mercury design in Sausalito, California. Designed for the rugged conditions of San Francisco Bay in summer, the Mercury proved to be equally at home in the very light air of Carmel. As a result of this versatility, the Mercury is found up and down the Pacific Coast from San Diego to Seattle including several lakes and rivers. The popularity of the class in part stems from the original Nunes idea that the boat should be simple in design so that anyone could build one. In fact, the original Mercury could be purchased as a plywood kit for home assembly, partially assembled waiting to be finished, or complete and ready to sail. To this day plans are available from the Association for the home builder. After twenty years of plywood only construction, the MCYRA made the bold decision to authorize the building of fiberglass Mercuries by a franchised boat builder. The idea while controversial at the time, proved a boost to the class. Not only was the Mercury now low maintenance with major repairs completed with amazing ease, the boats became relatively inexpensive and were uniformly well built. Another major step was taken in 1970 when the Association allowed the use of tubular aluminum spars. It was at this time point that the class evolved into the sophisticated realm of sailboat racing. Now, not only was the mast more controllable, it was stronger. The sail-making technology of other development classes was utilized making the Mercury even more popular with serious racing sailors. The advent of mechanical pushers in 1979 added to the new sophistication. Contrary to the trend in other classes, the Mercury Association has insisted that the boats be well built, durable and safe. As a result, with the advent of sealed bulkheads the seaworthy Mercury has become even safer. It is also not unusual to see wooden boats and the original fiberglass boats among the highest finishers in any regatta. The MCYRA has held its championship every year since 1947 rotating the hosting of the regatta among its nine member fleets in such varied locations as San Francisco Bay, Huntington Lake, Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, Monterey, Santa Cruz and Clearlake. A very active racing calendar that encourages travelling has created a circuit that has its own yearly champion and trophy — the Rosman Travel Trophy. The Mercury Class has been described as a great class to get started in and a better one to come home to. A large percentage of the association have been active participants for more than ten years. The boat attracts good sailors and the association attracts good people. It truly is a practical boat… Good Sailing!

The Mercury Class 2020 National Championships

The Mercury Class 2020 National Championships were held at Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club this past weekend.
Despite the current situation with Covid 19 and the restrictions we are under here in California, the regatta was a big success! The L.A. fleet did a wonderful job of staying within the guidelines required by the state for social distancing and large group gatherings.

Eleven Mercurys made it to the start line for all 5 races with a fairly wide range, and at times, challenging wind conditions. Thursday practice race was held in 15 knots of breeze with gusts to 18 out of the normal westerly direction. By the time the warning signal rang out for race 1 on Friday, conditions were a bit different. With remnants of the hurricane off Baja still effecting the southern Calif. weather, the wind had shifted to a more west/southwest direction. Very warm (sometimes hot) and humid conditions. Races were either a 1 lap, 2 laps, or 3 laps with down wind finishes. Breeze at the start of race 1 was in the range of 12 knots with a twice around sausage course and a down wind finish the racing was pretty tight with all 11 boats. Mike Burch and Greg Dair were first around, Chris Raab and Kenny Dair were second, John Kostecki and Shaun Sinawi were third, with class President Park Densmore and Eric Stassevitch 4th around. Chris Messano and Chris Villicich were around in 5th. The second leg places got jumbled up a bit, but Burch hung on to finish 1st, followed by Kostecki then Raab.
Race 2 the breeze was not as steady and was starting to drop a knot or two, but still pretty consistent with a west to southwest direction. 2 laps again, with Messano getting around the top mark first and never gave up the lead finishing first, Raab second, Randy and Kathryn Smith were 3rd, Kostecki 4th and Steve Jeppesen and Ken Maring in 5th. Race 3 the wind had dropped another couple knots and was really shifting to the Southwest. Raab had to hold off Eric and Tracy Conn who got second and Kostecki who placed 3rd for a tough win.
Day 2 was even lighter winds, as the race committee had postpone the start of race 4. Breeze slowly filled in and and things got under way. Wind was 5 knots max for the day and the direction had shifted all the way to the southwest. Once race 4 got going Kostecki, Densmore, and Raab went hard right as the balance of the fleet went left for a long way before heading right. Kostecki was first to the weather mark with Raab right behind him followed by Birch, Messano, and Densmore. The fleet was really spread out on the down wind leg with some boats going to the left side of the course and some going right. Kostecki held the lead all the way to the finish 1st, Burch snuck in for a second, Raab 3rd, and new comer to the class Randy Hecht sailing with Russ Silvestri came in 4th, with the Conn brothers getting the 5th spot. Race 5 was not any different as far as the wind conditions. At the start most of the fleet was stacked up against the committee boat with all wanting to get to the right quickly. There was 1 point separating 1st and 2nd place for the championship with Raab holding the slim lead. Raab and Dair got off to a nice lead and took the last race for the championship. Follow by Birch, Messano, Team Smith, and Kostecki.
Congratulations to Chris Raab and Kenny Dair for winning their 8th class championship. A big thank you goes out to the Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club for taking good care of us, and also to the race committee and all the support staff, including the mark boat and the photo boat. They did a fantastic job running all the races in some (at times) challenging conditions. A special thank you and a big pat on the back goes out to Mike Burch for handling all the details, including the take home trophies, hats, and photos of each competitor, as well as the social distancing keg party on Friday after racing and the BAR-B-QUE rib dinner for our not so normal national dinner.

Skipper/Crew Sail # Name Club Division TOTAL R1


R3 R4 R5 Finish
Raab /Dair 570 Carbon Offset ABYC/CBYC Gold Fleet 10 10 3 2 1 3 1 1
John Kostecki Shaum Sinawi 463 2020 St. FYC Gold Fleet 15 15 2 4 3 1 5 2
Chris Messano Chris Villicich 408 Frenzy Too CBYC Gold Fleet 19 19 4 1 5 6 3 3
Mike Burch Greg Dair 472 Jade CBYC Gold Fleet 24 24 1 12 7 2 2 4
Randy Smith Kathryn Smith 543 Fast Break SFYC Gold Fleet 26 26 8 3 4 7 4 5
Randy Hecht Russ Silvestri 471 Niuhi St. FYC Gold Fleet 35 35 6 10 8 4 7 6
Eric Conn Tracy Conn 542 Ol' Skool A.B.Y.C. Gold Fleet 38 38 12 8 2 5 11 7
William "Greg" Clark David Shoemaker 475 "Q" CBYC Gold Fleet 38 38 5 7 9 11 6 8
Steve Jepersen Ken Maring 584 Gator St. FYC Gold Fleet 39 39 9 5 6 10 9 9
Park Densmore Park Densmore 572 PAW STYC Gold Fleet 42 42 7 6 11 8 10 10
Robert Zellmer Julie Coll 532 Karina TPYC / Signal Hill YC Silver Fleet 49 49 11 11 10 9 8 11
Thomas Priest Dan Schiff 468 Misbehavin TPYC Silver Fleet 55 55 10 9 12 12 12 12
David West Chris Krueger 429 Space Invader Richmond YC Gold Fleet 70 70 DNS - 14 DNC - 14 DNC - 14 DNC - 14 DNC - 14 13


Past Championship Skippers and Crews

Year Location Hull Number   Skipper Crew
1947 Stanislaus 48   James Wyatt of Fresno Joe McAlese
1948 Los Angeles     Bill Jacobs of Los Angeles Unknown
1949 Fresno     John Hooper of Sausallito Heine Beagle
1950 Sausalito 386   Henry Mettier of Sausalito Hank Easom
1951 Balboa 20   Rob Gaestel of Merced Elva Roth
1952 Merced 20   Rob Gaestel of Merced Jan Flammer
1953 Stillwater 20   Rob Gaestel of Merced Betty Gaestel
1954 San Pedro 330   John Koenig of Sausalito Bob Dynhard
1955 Richmond 383   Al (Smitty) Smith of Los Angeles Bill Dixon
1956 Merced 20   Rob Gaestel of Merced Betty Gaestel
1957 Balboa     Roy Ashley of Sausalito Rich Owen
1958 Huntington Lake 157   Ed Mills of Los Angeles Bill Jacobs
1959 Sausalito 288   Doug Baird of Stillwater Mike Figour
1960 Santa Barbara 205   Ed Wellington of Coronado John Kenick
1961 Coronado     John Kenick of Coronado Harry Shumwal
1962 Stillwater 288   Doug Baird of Stillwater Rick Fraser
1963 Los Angeles 286   Bill Lannan of Santa Barbara Nick Udall
1964 Huntington Lake 461   Holden Sanford of Fresno Ken Walsh
1965 Ventura 466   Roger Roessler of Santa Barbara Florence Roessler
1966 Sausalito(a tie) 22   Dick Thompson of Peninsula Jim Dickinson
1966 Sausalito(a tie) 434   Pat Bradley of Fresno Tom Wenzel
1967 Santa Cruz 408   Doug Baird of Fresno Jim Samuels
1968 Santa Barbara 408   Doug Baird of Peninsula Dave Garibodi
1969 Stillwater 408   Doug Baird of Peninsula Jim Dereamer
1970 Ventura 466   Roger Roessler of Santa Barbara Florence Roessler
1971 Richmond 508   Tim Condon of Stillwater Dick Hayes
1972 Los Angeles 267   Chris Gould of Monterey Chet Cordrey
1973 Monterey 508   Tim Condon of Stillwater Colleen Condon
1974 San Francisco 542   Paxton Davis of Peninsula Ken Keefe
1975 Santa Barbara 428   John Grether of Sausalito Dave West
1976 Huntington Lake 470   Steve Gould of Monterey Doug Baird
1977 Stillwater 428   John Grether of Santa Barbara Betsy Broome
1978 Richmond 482   Dick Clark of Monterey Tracy Usher
1979 Clear Lake 459   Jack McAleer of Monterey Pete Sherman
1980 Santa Barbara 560   Pat Bradley of Fresno John Schlepp
1981 Los Angeles 408   James Bradley of Fresno Kathy Kirk
1982 Monterey 358   Mike Polkabla of Monterey Charles Queen
1983 San Francisco 571   Dave Huggins of Peninsula Clayton Huggins
1984 Huntington Lake 560   Pat Bradley of Fresno Bud Nestell
1985 Santa Cruz 576   Dick Clark of Monterey Tracy Usher
1986 Richmond 576   Dick Clark of Monterey Tim Cordrey
1987 Santa Barbara 408   Jim Bradley of Peninsula Al Kirk
1988 Huntington Lake 408   Jim Bradley of Peninsula Kathy Bradley
1989 Stillwater 575   Doug Baird of Peninsula Karen Mason
1990 San Francisco 408   Jim Bradley of Peninsula Ed Cotter
1991 Santa Barbara 560   Pat Bradley of Fresno Brendan Bradley
1992 Monterey 570   Dave West of North Bay Dan Simmons
1993 Clear Lake 560   Pat Bradley of Fresno Brendan Bradley
1994 Huntington Lake 466   Don Whelan of San Diego Mike Porvaznik
1995 Coronado 560   Pat Bradley of Fresno Brendan Bradley
1996 Stillwater 553   Jim Bradley of Peninsula Kathy Bradley
1997 San Francisco 560   Pat Bradley of Fresno Brendan Bradley
1998 Huntington Lake 560   Pat Bradley of Fresno Brendan Bradley
1999 San Pedro 576   Dick Clark of Stillwater Brent Harrill
2000 Treasure Island 576   Dick Clark of Stillwater Mike Pokabla
2001 Coronado 459   Jack McAleer of Monterey Eddie Schaup
2002 Monterey 576   Dick Clark of Stillwater Brent Harrill
2003 Huntington Lake 508   Doug Baird of Fresno Mike Baird
2004 Ballena Bay 429   Dave West of San Francisco Chris Kreuger
2005 San Pedro 472   Mike Burch of Los Angeles JJ Burch
2006 Monterey 508   Doug Baird of Fresno Mac Kilpatrick
2007 Huntington Lake 570   Chris Raab of Los Angeles Kenny Dair
2008 Long Beach 570 Chris Raab of Los Angeles Kenny Dair
2009 Richmond 570 Chris Raab of Los Angeles Kenny Dair
2010 San Pedro 570 Chris Raab of Los Angeles Kenny Dair
2011 Monterey  560 Pat Bradley of Fresno  Brendan Bradley
2012 Huntington Lake 508 Doug Baird of Fresno Chris Messano
2013 Long Beach 570 Chris Rabb of Los Angeles Kenny Dair
2014 Santa Babara 570 Chris Raab of Los Angeles Kenny Dair
2015 Ballena bay 541 Mac Kilpatrick of At Large Jim Taylor
2016 Huntington Lake 508 Doug Baird of Fresno Levi Wentzel
2017 Monterey 560   Pat Bradley of Fresno Brendan Bradley
2018 Los Angeles 408   Chris Messano of Los Angeles Doug McLean
2019 Richmond 570   Chris Raab of Los Angeles Kenny Dair
2020 San Pedro 570   Chris Rabb of Los Angeles Kenny Dair
2021 Stillwater  508   Doug Baird of Fresno Tarasa Davis
2022 Coronado 408   Chris Messano of Los Angeles Chris Villich

Past Silver Championships Skippers and Crews

1989 Stillwater Greg Smith of North Bay Nick Mason
1990 San Francisco Greg Smith of North Bay Nick Mason
1991 Santa Barbara Dave Hale of Santa Barbara Barbara Shulart
1992 Monterey Matt Wilson of Santa Barbara Scott Deardorff
1993 Clear Lake Sara Marion Dan Kreiss
1994 Huntington Park Densmore Park Densmore Jr.
1995 Coronado Rob Anderson Bob Hayes
1996 Stillwater Gerald Koldjeski Mickey Gray
1997 San Francisco Jim Taylor Walter Smith
1998 Huntington Lake Steve Kraft Mitch Matthews
1999 San Pedro Chris Messano Brian Dair
2000 Treasure Island Brendan Bradley Pat Bradley
2001 Coronado Park Densmore Don Hopper
2002 Monterey Mitch Matthews Greg Greenlee
2003 Huntington Lake Peter Baldwin Dave Morris
2004 Ballena Bay Dan Simmons Phil Macafee
2005 San Pedro Mike Burch JJ Burch
2006 Monterey Dan Simmons Phil Macafee
2007 Huntington Lake Mark Comings Geordy Hershman
2008 Long Beach Kevin McCarthy Cathy McCarthy
2009 Richmond Scott Easom Matt Siddens
2010 San Pedro Brad Bergeron Jim Kenard
2011  Monterey Mark Chandler Liz Chandler
2012 Huntington Lake Eric Conn Tracy Conn
2013 Long Beach Tom Priest Dan Schiff
2014 Santa Barbara Brad Bergeron Daniel Kim
2015 Ballena Bay Tom Priest Damon Guizot
2016 Huntington Lake Tom Priest Damon Guizot
2017 Monterey Lyn Hines Dave Bacci
2018 Los Angeles Park Densmore Mike Trela
2019 Richmond  Chris Davis  Bob Scholl 
2020 San Pedro Robert Zellmer Julie Coll
2021 Stillwater Ben Bradley Brendan Bradley
2022 Coronado Drake Baldwin Peter Baldwin


Jack and Jill Championship Skippers and Crews

Year Location Skipper Crew Hull Number
2010 San Pedro Randy Smith Kathryn Smith 543
2011 Monterey Mark Chandler Liz Chandler 524
2012 Huntington lake Randy Smith Kathryn Smith 543
2013 Long Beach Mike Burch Kristen Burch 472
2014 Santa Barbara Jim Bradley Kathy Bradley 553
2015 Ballena Bay Doug Baird Kate Conway 508
2016 Huntington Lake Jim Bradley Kathy Bradley 553
2017 Monterey Jim Bradley Kathy Bradley 553
2018 Los Angeles Doug Baird Katy Worden 508
2019 Richmond  Lyn Hines  Odile Hines  541 
2020 San Pedro Randy Smith Kathryn Smith 543
2021 Stillwater Doug Baird TarasaDavis 508
2022 Coronado Mike Burch Kristen Burdh 472

Mercury Class 50 Years And Going Strong
The Mercury Sloop was designed by Ernest Nunes of the Nunes Brothers Boat Works, Sausalito, California. In 1938, hull #1 was completed and first displayed in the 1939 World’s Fair at Treasure Island. At that time most small boats were built with plank construction so the Mercury, with its waterproof plywood construction was considered very advanced for the time. The hull was light by comparison and the simplicity of construction drew immediate interest in the new boat. Hulls numbered 2 through 8 were constructed at the same time in the shop at Nunes Brothers. These boats were presold and the owners took an active part in the construction. This gave Ernie Nunes the idea that a kit of the Mercury would be a good way to promote sales. The class grew quickly as home builders assembled these kits in back yards and garages throughout the state of California. A few boats even found their way out to the Hawaiian Islands and Guam. With the boat being easily trailerable, fleets developed at inland lakes so that by 1946 an active racing association had developed throughout the western states. To commemorate the 50th birthday of the Mercury class yacht, a party was held at the San Francisco Yacht Club on June 18, 1988. Over 150 current and past Mercury sailors attended the festivities, which included racing in Raccoon Straits and a barbecue dinner at the club house. Past champions, including our first champion (1947) Jim Wyatt reminisced about their most memorable Mercury racing experiences. Many of the past sailors brought their family scrapbooks with them to provide a pictorial history of the class. Three generations of Mercury sailors were in attendance. Hull #6, still an active racer, had the distinction of being the oldest boat sailing in the day’s races and also by having all of her owners present for the Birthday Party.

Mercury Class Perpetual Trophies

Homecoming Perpetual Trophy
This trophy was donated by Peter Sutter and designed and built by Leonard Delmas. The Homecoming Regatta was sailed in honor of the Builder, Ernie Nunes and later other builders. Currently the regatta is held at the Encinal Yacht Club in Alameda. The 2017 regatta was held at the Sausalito YC in celebration of the clubs 75th anniversary and where the first homecoming regatta was held.

YEAR SKIPPER CREW 1997 Pax Davis Richard Hubbert
1960 Robin Hobart Jim Enzensperger 1998 Pax Davis Richard Hubbert
1961 Jim Enzensperger Robin Hobart 1999 Doug Baird Michael Baird
1962 Pat Bradley Rick Gregory 2000 Doug Baird Michael Baird
1963 Jim Enzensperger Mark Schaeffe r 2001 Carl Schumacher Sutter Schumacher
1964 Doug Baird Bill Sewall 2002 John Hansen Tony Basso
1965 Jim Enzensperger Mark Shaeffer 2003 Bill Worden Doug Baird
1966 Pax Davis C. Paxton Davis, III 2004 Doug Baird Tom Priest
1967 Pat Bradley Scott Harris 2005 Doug Baird Jim Taylor
1968 Jim Enzensperger Doug Baird 2006 Doug Baird Michael Baird
1969 Mark Dowley Jim Hobart 2007 Doug Baird Chris Messano
1970 Leland Pollard Laurie Pollard 2008 Doug Baird Jim Taylor
1971 Steve Gould John Kedzior 2009 Jim Bradley Kathy Bradley
1972 John Grether Mike Porvanznik 2010 Doug Baird Mike Dick
1973 Tim Condon Al Swinger 2011 John Skinner John Selbach
1974 Steve Gould Don Whelan 2012  Doug Baird Michael Baird
1975 Dick Clark John Umland 2013 Jim Bradley Ben Bradley
1976 Pax Davis Julie Davis 2014 Doug Baird Michael Baird
1977 Dick Clark Pete Sherman 2015 Pax Davis Aaron Lee
1978 Jim Bradley John Kirk 2016  Pax Davis Aaron Lee 
1979 Kelly Robinson Jack McAleer 2017 John Hansen  Tony Basso 
1980 Pax Davis Greg Salas 2018  Scott Easom  Ben Mercer
1981 Pax Davis Tim Erskine 2019  Randy Smith  Theresa Peek
1982 Pax Davis Tim Erskine 2020  Not Held  
1983 Dave Huggins Clayton Huggins 2021  Bill Worden  Katie Worden 
1984 Jim Bradley Kathy Bradley 2022 Shaum Sinawi Chris Krueger
1985 Jim Bradley Kathy Bradley      
1986 Pax Davis Ken Munro      
1987 Chris Lanzafame Robert Hu      
1988 Pax Davis Ken Munro      
1989 Dave West John Daseking      
1990 Al Downey Bill Harvey      
1991 Doug Baird Art Mowry      
1992 Dave West Dan Simmons      
1993 Steve Jeppesen Jim Taylor      
1994 Pax Davis John Hansen      
1995 Jim Bradley Greg Melanson      
1996 Pax Davis Richard Hubbert      

Joe Logan Memorial Trophy
Dr. Joe Logan was a prominent physician in Fresno and an early member of the Fresno Mercury Fleet. Although his interest in sailing did not develop until later in life, he dearly loved the time he spent on his Mercury. His first boat was hull #104. During the summer months Dr. Logan kept his boat moored off the pier at Santa Cruz. This was in the days before the Santa Cruz Marina was constructed. During a summer storm the boat broke loose from its mooring and was destroyed on the beach. He ordered a new Mercury, built with the salvaged keel of #104. To keep the memory of his old boat alive he christened the new one Wonofora . While preparing his beautiful new boat for its first racing season, Dr. Logan was struck by a heart attack and died. In memory of her husband and to perpetuate his love for the Mercury, his widow donated this trophy. It is a working model of his Mercury #434 down to the smallest detail. The trophy is currently on loan from the Fresno Fleet to the St. Francis Yacht Club where it is on display. Through 1976 the trophy was raced for in Fresno and kept on display at the Fresno Sports Hall of Fame. The new deed was drawn up in February of 1977 and the trophy is now awarded to the winner of an annual series sailed in the waters off the St. Francis Yacht Club in San Francisco. The trophy is truly one of the most finely crafted and best looking in small boat sailing.

1964 Joe Congdon Joe Congdon, Jr 2005 Doug Baird Jim Taylor
1965 Milt Rubin Barbara Rubin 2006 Doug Baird Chris Messano
1966 Clair Williams Nina Williams 2007 Mac Kilpatrick John Ravizza/Jim Taylor
1967 LeRoy Hinkle Pat Hinkle 2008 Doug Baird Jim Taylor
1968 Randel Petersen Stuart Knopf 2009 Randy Smith Lauren Smith
1969 Steve Gould Doug Baird 2010 Randy Smith John Verdoia
1977 Pax Davis Scott Carpenter 2011 Dave West  Chris Krueger
1978 Dick Clark Pete Sherman 2012  Randy Smith John Hayes
1979 Pat Bradley John Sclepp 2013 Randy Smith Kurt Hemmingsen
1980 Pax Davis Rex Allen 2014 Randy Smith Michael O'Callaghan
1981 Pax Davis Tim Erskine 2015 Doug Baird Mac Kilpatrick
1982 Pax Davis Tim Erskine 2005 Doug Baird Jim Taylor
1983 Pax Davis Tim Erskine 2006 Doug Baird Chris Messano
1984 Pat Bradley Doug Baird 2007 Mac Kilpatrick John Ravizza/Jim Taylor
1985 Doug Baird Carl Petersen 2008 Doug Baird Jim Taylor
1986 Doug Baird Earl Stutes 2009 Randy Smith Lauren Smith
1987 Jim Bradley Pat Bradley 2010 Randy Smith John Verdoia
1988 Jim Bradley Kathy Bradley 2011 Dave West  Chris Krueger
1989 Not Held Earthquake 2012  Randy Smith John Hayes
1990 Pax Davis Brad Whitaker 2013 Randy Smith Kurt Hemmingsen
1991 Pax Davis Brad Whitaker 2014 Randy Smith Michael O'Callaghan
1992 Doug Baird Dick Hansen 2015 Doug Baird Mac Kilpatrick
1993 Tracy Usher Mike Spencer 2016 Jim Bradley Kathy Bradley 
1994 Tim Parsons Nick Brya 2017 Scott Easom  Ernie Rodriguez 
1995 Jim Bradley Peter Baldwin 2018 John Ravizza  Chris Boome 
1996 Tracy Usher Erica Mattson 2019  John Ravizza Chris Boome
1997 Doug Baird Tim Parsons 2020  Not held  
1998 Pax Davis Richard Hubbert 2021 John Buestad  Chris Boome 
1999 Jim Bradley Ed Cotter 2022 John Ravizza  Chris Boome
2000 John Hansen Tony Basso      
2001 Doug Baird Rob Moore      
2002 Jim Bradley Ben Bradley      
2003 No Wind        
2004 Jim Bradley Ben Bradley      

Los Angeles Midwinter Regatta
Hosted by the Cabrillo Beach Yacht Club in conjunction with the Southern California Yacht Racing Association this annual President's Day Weekend event has long been a favorite of sailors from both Northern & Southern California. Along with over a hundred classes and in excess of one thousand yachts, the Mercury Class has a long history of participation in this, the largest yachting event in the world. The regatta is held at the north end of Los Angeles Harbor with occasional sojourns outside the breakwater to the Point Fermin bouy. Most of the competitors lodge at a single waterfront hotel, fostering camaraderie between Northern and Southern fleets. The highlight of the weekend is the annual Saturday night extravaganza at the Palos Verdes Estates home of Park & Lynn Densmore. One of the most entertaining evenings of the Mercury year, the Densmore party makes this winter outing a well attended tradition.

Year Skipper Year Skipper
1965 Roger Roessler 1999 Pax Davis
1966 Duerstein 2000 Chris Messano
1967 Roger Roessler 2001 Dave West
1968 Roger Roessler 2002 Not held
1969 Jack Nerdrum 2003 Don Whelan
1970 Jack Nerdrum 2004 Ron Dougherty
1971 Doug Baird 2005 Doug Baird
1972 Steve Gould 2006 Don Whelan
1973 George Patterson 2007 Doug Baird
1974 Austin Lysight 2008 Mike Burch
1975 Don Whelan 2009 Chris Raab
1976   2010 Doug Baird
1977 Jim Bradley 2011 Hal McCormack
1978   2012  Doug Baird
1979 Jim Bradley 2013  Randy Smith
1980   2014 Dave West
1981 Pat Bradley 2015 Mike Burch
1982   2016 Dave West 
1983 Pat Bradley 2017  Mike Burch
1984   2018  Chris Rabb
1985   2019  Cancelled
1986   2020  Chris Rabb 
1987 Doug Baird 2021  Chris Rabb 
1988   2022 Mike Burch
1989   2023 Randy Smith 
1990 Pax Davis    
1991 Pax Davis    
1993 Don Whelan    
1994 Howie Marion    
1995 Pax Davis    
1996 Tracy Usher    
1997 Dave West    
1998 Doug Baird    

Perry Cup
During the 1950’s and early 60’s, members of the Stillwater Mercury Fleet often discussed starting a winter racing series on the other side of the hill in Monterey. Many members felt that the limited summer season in Stillwater really wasn’t enough. Thomas K. Perry was one of the original advocates of the winter series which now bears his name. Although the idea of a winter racing schedule came up over and over again, nothing was really done about it until a number of Stillwater sailors decided to create a new fleet in Monterey in 1970. The Monterey Fleet, looking for a way to attract new members, yet, also wanting to continue racing at Stillwater during the summer, decided to hold the first winter championship in Monterey. The series was to last all winter, but not wanting to create a series which would drag on, seemingly forever, it was decided that it should be raced only one weekend per month. The first Monterey Winter Championships were won by Tim Condon in 1970-71. Later that year Tom Perry was killed and his widow Pat offered to donate a perpetual trophy for the series to be named after him. Pat Perry passed away in early 1995. Dick Clark, at the 1995 trophy presentation announced that this series would go on forever in Pat’s honor.

1970 - 71 Juggernaut Tim Condon 2004-2005 Axon Doug Baird
1971 - 72 Mehitabel Steve Gould 2005-2006 Axon Doug Baird
1972 - 73 El Primera Pat Bradley 2006-2007 Pacer Pax Davis
1973 - 74 Contagion Steve Gould 2007-2008 Axon Doug Baird
1974 - 75 Lima Bean Machine John Grether 2008-2009 Pacer Pax Davis
1975 - 76 Contagion Doug Baird 2009-2010 Axon Doug Baird
1976 - 77 Contagion Steve Gould 2010-2011 Fast Break Randy Smith
1977 - 78 Christmas Pudding Jack McAleer 2011-2012  Fast Break Randy Smith
1978 - 79 Old Buzzard Pat Bradley 2012-2013 Axon
Doug Baird
1979 - 80 Rufescent Rhubarb Dick Clark 2013-2014 Axon Doug Baird 
1980 - 81 Old Buzzard Pat Bradley 2014-2015
Axon  Doug Baird 
1981 - 82 Swift Pax Davis 2015-2016 Axon  Doug Baird
1982 - 83 Old Buzzard Pat Bradley 2016-2017 Axon Doug Baird 
1983 - 84 Seven Toed Re-Pete David Huggins 2017-2018 Stars Jim Bradley 
1984 - 85 Frenzy Jim Bradley 2018-2019 Whim David Morris
1985 - 86 Frenzy Jim Bradley 2019-2020  Whim  David Morris
1986 - 87 Burning Desire Doug Baird 2020-2021  Not Held 
1987 - 88 Pacer Pax Davis 2021-2022 Fast Break  Randy Smith 
1988 - 89 Pacer Pax Davis 2022-2023 Space Invader Dave West 
1989 - 90 Christmas Pudding Jack McAleer
1990 - 91 Pacer Pax Davis
1991 - 92 Vandal Tracy Usher
1992 -93 Vandal Tracy Usher
1993 -94 Disco Volante Howie Marion
1994-95 Pacer Pax Davis
1995-96 Pacer Pax Davis
1996 -97 Vandal Tracy Usher
1997-98 Pacer Pax Davis
1998-99 Pacer Pax Davis
1999-2000 Bushwhacker III Don Whelan
2000-2001 Pacer Pax Davis
2001-2002 Strider Doug Baird
2002-2003 Vandal Tracy Usher
2003-2004 Pacer Pax Davis

Race of Champions / Cinco De Mayo Trophy
Donated by Mr. & Mrs. Lester Baldwin, active Mercury sailors of the 1960's, this trophy is a beautiful silver sailing ship model on display at the Santa Barbara Yacht Club. The trophy was originally gifted as a competition between current & past Mercury Class Champions. In recent years the trophy is presented to the winner of a spring regatta sailed in the waters off Santa Barbara. This spring format was chosen to obtain optimum weather and wind conditions. The large fleets and competitive racing has made this regatta a premiere event on the Mercury Class Schedule.

1962 Doug Baird 1997 G.T. Koldjeski
1963 J. Enzensperger 1998 Don Whelan
1964 Holden Sanford 1999 Doug Baird
1965 Roger Roessler 2000 Don Whelan
1966 Not Held 2001 Dave West
1967 Roger Roessler 2002 Doug Baird
1968 Not Held 2003 Dave West
1969 Roger Roessler 2004 Doug Baird
1970 Steve Gould 2005 Doug Baird
1971 George Patterson 2006 Doug Baird
1972 George Patterson 2007 Doug Baird
1973 Ted Lindley 2008 Doug Baird
1974 Steve Gould 2009 Jim Bradley
1975 Richard Miller 2010 Randy Smith
1976 Not Held 2011 Chris Messano
1977 Dick Clark 2012 Doug Baird
1978 Dick Clark 2013 Doug Baird
1979 Austin Lysight 2014 Doug Baird
1980 Not Held 2015  Doug Baird 
1981 Not Held 2016  Doug Baird 
1982 Not Held 2017 Not Held 
1983 Pax Davis 2018  Doug Baird 
1984 Dave Huggins 2019 GT Koldjeski
1985 2020  Not Held
1986 Chris Lanzafame 2021 Not Held 
1987 2022  Not held 
1991 Pax Davis
1992 Dave We s t
1993 Lee Sandow
1994 Pax Davis
1995 Kelly Robinson
1996 Tracy Usher

Nunes Championship Series Trophy
This is the top prize of the Mercury racing year. It is awarded to the top skipper of the Mercury Championship Series. It was donated by Ernest Nunes, designer and first builder of the Mercury Yacht. The list of past winners is printed preceding the story of the last Championship Series.

Ray Johnson Trophy
This beautiful silver pitcher was donated to the Class in 1983 in honor of Ray Johnson’s contribution to the MCYRA. As Secretary of the association from 1961 to 1982, we can safely say that no other individual member of the class has made a more significant contribution than Ray. The trophy is presented annually to the winner of the first race of the Mercury Championship Series.

1984 Pat Bradley
1985 Dick Clark
1986 Dick Clark
1987 Jim Bradley
1988 Jim Bradley
1989 G.T. Koldjeski
1990 Pax Davis
1991 Jim Bradley
1992 Don Whelan
1993 Pat Bradley
1994 Don Whelan
1995 Doug Baird
1996 Pat Bradley
1997 Dave West
1998 Steve Gould
1999 Dick Clark
2000 Dave West
2001 Dick Clark
2002 Jack McAleer
2003 Dave West
2004 Dave West
2005 Mike Burch
2006 Pat Bradley
2007 Chris Messano
2008 Doug Baird
2009 Chris Raab
2010 Chris Raab
2011 Pat Bradley
2012  Dave West
2013 Pat Bradley
2014 Chris Raab
2015 Mac Kilpatrick
2016 Pat Bradley
2017 Dave West
2018  Chris Messano
2019 John Ravizza
2020 Mike Burch
2021 Russ Silvestri
2022 Chris Messano

The Park & Lynn Densmore Perpetual Trophy
The Densmores presented this beautiful half model of their Mercury to the Mercury Class Association to be awarded each year to the winner of the second race of the Championship Series. This donation represents a continuation of their involvement in the activities of the Association which goes back more than a few years. For Park, Mercury sailing began many years ago on San Francisco Bay when he raced with John Koenig in a Mercury during the 1942 season. Lynn was introduced to the Yacht in 1960 and together they have been and still are faithful supporters of the class.

1995 Pat Bradley
1996 Jim Bradley
1997 Pat Bradley
1998 Pat Bradley
1999 Doug Baird
2000 Jack McAleer
2001 Jack McAleer
2002 Dave West
2003 Doug Baird
2004 Dave West
2005 Jim Bradley
2006 Jack McAleer
2007 Chris Raab
2008 Chris Raab
2009 Chris Raab
2010 Chris Raab
2011 Mac Kilpatrick
2012  Doug Baird
2013 Chris Raab
2014 Jim Bradley
2015 Dave West
2016 Doug Baird
2017 Paul Cayard
2018 Chris Messano
2019 Chris Raab
2020 Chris Messano
2021 Mike Burch
2022 Chris Messano

The Matt & Mimi Jenkins Perpetual Trophy
This perpetual trophy was donated by several members of the Mercury Class in memory of Matt and Mimi Jenkins. Not only did they own one of the first Mercurys at Stillwater Cove, but they spent their time and money to preserve sailing at this beautiful location. For many years at the Labor Day Weekend Regatta they hosted a fabulous cocktail party for their friends and regatta participants. This half model of the Jenkin’s Mercury will be awarded to the winner of the third race of the National Championship series.

1995 Pat Bradley
1996 Pat Bradley
1997 Pat Bradley
1998 Jack McAleer
1999 Pat Bradley
2000 Dave West
2001 Jack McAleer
2002 Dick Clark
2003 Steve Gould
2004 Dave West
2005 Jim Bradley
2006 Doug Baird
2007 Pat Bradley
2008 Mike Burch
2009 Jim Bradley
2010 Chris Raab
2011 Jack McAleer
2012  Doug Baird
2013 Chris Raab
2014 Chris Raab
2015 Randy Smith
2016 Doug Baird
2017 Mac Kilpatrick
2018 Chris Messano
2019 Mike Burch
2020 Chris Rabb
2021 Chris Rabb
2022 Chris Messano

Holden Sanford Perpetual Trophy
Holden Sanford's involvement with the Mercury Class dates back to the late 1940's when he began racing his Mercury as a member of the Lake Millerton Sailing Association, now known as the Fresno Yacht Club. Holden served as President of the class in 1960 and won the class championship in 1964 with fellow Fresno Mercury sailor, Ken Walsh, as crew at Huntington Lake. Holden's many friends in the class thought it would be a good idea to honor Holden with a perpetual trophy. Ken Gardiner, famous model maker of Newport Beach CA., was commissioned to construct a half model on a plaque of Holden's Mercury number 461. Fittingly the trophy was presented to the class, to be awarded to the winner of the fourth race of the Championship series, at a special ceremony prior to the 1994 Championship series at Huntington Lake on the thirtieth anniversary of Holden’s victory.

1994 Pat Bradley
1995 Pat Bradley
1996 Tracy Usher
1997 Pat Bradley
1998 Dick Clark
1999 Dick Clark
2000 Jack McAleer
2001 Doug Baird
2002 Chris Lanzafame
2003 Jim Bradley
2004 Doug Baird
2005 Jim Bradley
2006 Doug Baird
2007 Jack McAleer
2008 Dave West
2009 Chris Raab
2010 Pat Bradley
2011 Randy Smith
2012 Dave West
2013 Mike Burch
2014 Greg Dair
2015 Mac Kilpatrick
2016 John Hansen
2017 Pat Bradley
2018 Chris Messano
2019 Chris Messano
2020 John Kostecki
2021 Russ Silvestri
2022 Chris Messano

John Koenig Memorial Perpetual Trophy
John Koenig was one of the founding fathers of the Mercury Class. As MCYRA President in 1953 and Class National Champion in 1954, John developed a lifelong love for the Mercury. Following his death, his wife Pat Koenig donated this a silver bowl in memory of John. The trophy is presented annually to the winner of the last race of the Championship Series. 

1974 Seven Toed Pete David Huggins 2008 Axon Doug Baird
1975 Lima Bean Machine John Gre t h e r 2009 Race Abandoned
1976 Contagion Steve Gould 2010 Arnold Mac Kilpatrick
1977 Lima Bean Machine John Gre t h e r 2011 Frenzy Chris Messano
1978 Swift Pax Davis 2012 Space Invader Dave West
1979 Frenzy Jim Bradley 2013 Carbon Offset Chris Raab
1980 Old Buzzard Pat Bradley 2014 Axon Doug Baird
1981 Sea Deuce Tracy Usher 2015 Gator Paul Cayard
1982 Whale Bait Mike Polkabla 2016  Axon  Doug Baird
1983 Frenzy Jim Bradley 2017 Ol' Buzzard Pat Bradley 
1984 Old Buzzard Pat Bradley 2018  Frenzy Too Chris Messano
1985 Ernie Dick Clark 2019  Space Invader  Dave West
1986 Italian Stallion Chris Lanzafame 2020 Carbon Offset Chris Rabb
1987 Frenzy Jim Bradley 2021  AXON  Doug Baird
1988 Old Buzzard Pat Bradley 2022  Frenzy Two Chris Messano
1989 Exterminator Doug Baird
1990 Frenzy Jim Bradley
1991 Old Buzzard Pat Bradley
1992 Ernie Dick Clark
1993 Ernie Dick Clark
1994 Space Invader Dave We s t
1995 Old Buzzard Pat Bradley
1996 Vandal Tracy Usher
1997 Christmas Pudding Jack McAleer
1998 Christmas Pudding Jack Mcaleer
1999 Strider Doug Baird
2000 Ernie Dick Clark
2001 Buswhacker III Don Whelan
2002 Space Invader Dave West
2003 Old Buzzard Pat Bradley
2004 Old Buzzard Pat Bradley
2005 Bushwacker III Don Whelan
2006 Axon Doug Baird
2007 Jade Mike Burch  

Santa Barbara Mercury Fleet Invitational Perpetual Trophy
The winner of the Mercury Fleet in the Santa Barbara Yacht Club Semana Nautica Regatta.

1965 Radiant Jack Nerdrum
1966 Mehitabel Steve Gould
1967 Limey II Don Anderson
1968 Frenzy Doug Baird
1969 Fromf Doug Baird
1970 Blue Mist II Roger Roessler
1971 Mellow Yellow Austin Lysight
1972 Contagion Steve Gould
1973 Radiant Jack Nerdrum
1974 Swift Paxton Davis
1975 Contagion Steve Gould
1976 Contagion Steve Gould
1977 Lima Bean Machine John Grether
1978 Melba Dave West
1979 Funny Farm Bill Ryon
1980 Sea Deuce Kelly Robinson
1981 Frenzy Kathy Kirk
1982 Italian Stallion Chris Lanzafame
1983 Frenzy Jim Bradley
1984 Not Held  
1985 Swift Pax Davis
1986 Bonne Chance G.T. Koldjeski
1987 Not Held  
1988 Bonne Chance Gerald Koldjeski
1989 Not Held  
1990 Pacer Pax Davis
1991 Pacer Pax Davis
1993   Lee Sandow

Stillwater Labor Day Regatta
Since it’s inauguration in 1950, the Labor Day Regatta hosted by Stillwater Yacht Club on Carmel Bay, has been a highlight of every Mercury year. 62 Mercurys were in the starting line in 1959, an all time record. A great storm then destroyed the old pier, and the event was held in Monterey Bay in 1969-71. By 1972, despite the pull of other classes and other regattas, Labor Day drew 55 Mercurys, second largest record. Special thanks are due Past Commodore Matt and Mimi Jenkins for 40 years of their fabulous Log Cabin cocktail party (1952-91) which helped pull the whole class together, for donating the sterling silver permanent senior trophy and for Mimi's strong personal commitment to the rebuilding of the pier. In 1975 an annual senior championship regatta was established, followed in 1976 by a B division regatta. The three starting lines and three sets of trophies are unique in Mercury racing and afford appropriate recognition to important segments of the class. 

1950 Rob Gaestel 1988 Jim Bradley
1951 Rob Gaestel 1989 Steve Kraft
1952 Rob Gaestel 1990 Jim Bradley
1953 Roy Ashley 1991 Jim Bradley
1954 Rob Gaestel 1992 Doug Baird
1955 Rob Gaestel 1993 Tracy Usher
1956 Rob Gaestel 1994 Tracy Usher
1957 Jon Konigshofer 1995 Pat Bradley
1958 Allen Mitchell 1996 Tracy Usher
1959 James Wo m b l e 1997 Pax Davis
1960 Roy Ashley 1998 Pax Davis
1961 Roy Ashley 1999 Jack McAleer
1962 Pat Bradley 2000 Pax Davis
1963 Roy Ashley 2001 Doug Baird
1964 Rob Gaestel 2002 Dick Clark
1965 Dick Thompson 2003 Pax Davis
1966 Dick Thompson 2004 Pat Bradley
1967 Tim Condon 2005 Pax Davis
1968 Doug Baird 2006 Pax Davis
1969 Ralph Buchan 2007  Doug Baird
1970 Harvey Kilpatrick 2008 John Ravizza
1971 Lee Pollard 2009 Doug Baird
1972 Steve Gould 2010 Randy Smith
1973 Steve Gould 2011 Pax Davis
1974 Pax Davis 2012 Dave West
1975 Pat Bradley 2013 Jim Bradley
1976 Dick Clark 2014 Jim Bradley
1977 Dick Clark 2015 Doug Baird
1978 Tracy Usher 2016 Doug Baird
1979 Stillman Chase 2017 Scott Easom
1980 Jack McAleer 2018 Doug Baird
1981 Tracy Usher 2019 Scott Easom
1982 Chris Gould 2020 Not Held
1983 Pat Bradley 2021 Not Held
1984 Pat Bradley 2022 John Ravizza
1985 Doug Baird     
1986 Pax Davis     
1987 Eric Arndt    

C Paxton Davis Travel Trophy

One of the most difficult to win, this series is awarded to the MCYRA member who compiles the best overall record in the best 9 of the 9 designated major Mercury Class regattas. By finishing in the top three places at the Los Angeles Midwinters Race of Champions, Hart-Nunes, Huntington Lake, Labor Day, Joe Logan,Pacific Coast Championship Monterey Invitational and Turkey Day regattas; a participant will earn bonus points as follows :

First:: 5 Points
Second: 4 Points
Third: 3 Points

Additionally, each MCYRA skipper receives 2 participation points for each of the 9 regattas in which he or she competes. The winner is announced at the MCYRA annual meeting. George Rosman, MCYRA Chief Measurer from 1961 to 1974, established this event as a means to encourage Mercury owners to travel to major regattas. George felt that by encouraging trailering of their boats, Mercury sailors would become better all around yachtsmen and at the same time build friendships throughout the State of California.

1964 Holden Sanford 1991 Pax Davis
1965 Holden Sanford 1992 Dave We s t
1966 Roger Roessler 1993 Doug Baird
1967 Steve Gould 1994 Howie Marion
1968 Roger Roessler 1995 Pax Davis
1969 Doug Baird 1996 Pax Davis
1970 Doug Baird 1997 Tracy Usher
1971 Ted Lindley 1998 Pax Davis
1972 Steve Gould 1999 Pax Davis
1973 John Grether 2000 Don Whelan
1974 Pax Davis 2001 Dave West
1975 Pax Davis 2002 Doug Baird
1976 Pax Davis 2003 Pax Davis
1977 Pax Davis 2004 Pax Davis
1978 Dick Clark 2005 Doug Baird
1979 .Jim Bradley 2006 Doug Baird
1980 Kelly Robinson 2007 Doug Baird
1981 Pat Bradley 2008 Doug Baird
1982 Pax Davis 2009 Doug Baird
1983 Pax Davis 2010 Doug Baird
1984 Dick Clark 2011 Randy Smith
1985 Jim Bradley 2012 Doug Baird
1986 Pat Bradley 2013 Randy Smith
1987 Doug Baird 2014 Randy Smith
1988 Pax Davis 2015 Randy Smith
1989 Pax Davis 2016  Doug Baird
1990 Pax Davis 2017  Doug Baird
    2018 Doug Baird
    2019 Lyn Hines
    2020 Randy Smith
    2021 Mike Burch
    2022 Mike Burch

Huntington Lake Regatta
The Race was started in 1954 informally when five Thistles raced a windward leeward around the windward island. With Bill Bradley as one of the founders, the regatta was formally initiated in 1955. The Mercurys and the Thistles were the original classes to compete on this 7000 foot high lake. The lake and it’s surroundings have remained unchanged over the past 36 years. Other than a cluster of condos with tennis courts and a pool, there has been very little new construction. The sailing has also remained perfect. The wind comes up at 10 am and fades at 6 pm daily. The Mercury has been in attendance every year since the regatta’s inception. In the early years, the class raced under the auspices of the Fresno Yacht Club. Due to logistics, the class now sponsors it’s own regatta, which normally occurs on the fourth weekend of July. Bill Bradley’s friends, in 1981, put up a trophy to be known as the BILL BRADLEY PERPETUAL TROPHY. This is to be presented to the winner of the annual regatta. Bill and June Bradley have been kind enough to host a Santa Maria Barbeque at their cabin with the Pat and Jim Bradley Families supervising. Attendance at this great party numbers over 200. Many families travel to Huntington Lake to enjoy what is known as baby beach. This is a lagoon like setting where most of the boats tieup bow to the shore and the young ones frolic in the lake.

1955 Tim Condon 1990 Jim Bradley
1956 Rob Gaestel 1991 Doug Baird
1957 Rob Gaestel 1992 Steve Gould
1958 Rob Gaestel 1993 Pat Bradley
1959 Rob Gaestel 1994 Howie Marion
1960 Tim Condon 1995 Don Whelan
1961 Rob Gaestel 1996 Pat Bradley
1962 Jim Enzensperger 1997 Pax Davis
1963 Jim Enzensberger 1998 Doug Baird
1964 Roger Roessler 1999 Pat Bradley
1965 Roger Roessler 2000 Dave West
1966 Roger Roessler 2001 Pat Bradley
1967 Tim Condon 2002 Pat Bradley
1968 Roger Roessler 2003 Doug Baird
1969 Dick Thompson 2004 Doug Baird
1970 Roger Roessler 2005 Doug Baird
1971 Roger Roessler 2006 Pat Bradley
1972 Austin Lysight 2007 Chris Raab
1973 Pax Davis 2008 Pat Bradley
1974 Pat Bradley 2009 Pat Bradley
1975 Pat Bradley 2010 Doug Baird
1976 Pax Davis 2011 Doug Baird
1977 Pat Bradley 2012 Dave West
1978 John Grether 2013 Pat Bradley
1979 Dick Clark 2014 No Race 
1980 Jack McAleer 2015  No Race 
1981 Pat Bradley 2016  Mike Burch 
1982 Pat Bradley 2017  Doug Baird 
1983 Pat Bradley 2018 Dave West
1984 Jim Bradley 2019 John Ravizza
1985 Jim Bradley 2020  Doug Baird
1986 Doug Baird 2021  John Ravizza
1987 Pat Bradley 2022 John Hansen 
1988 Jim Bradley
1989 Jim Bradley

Hart Nunes Trophy
For many years James (Jim) Hart had been reminded of his memories sailing KATAPURA II by the half model of Mercury #33 hanging on his den wall. He has been a member of the San Francisco Yacht Club since 1937 and decided in 1995 to donate his beautiful half model to the Mercury Class and the San Francisco Yacht Club. The Mercury Class has established the Hart-Nunes Trophy to be awarded to the winner of an annual regatta to be sponsored by the San Francisco Yacht Club. The trophy resides at this club.Jim had the half model built in the late forties while he was sailing KATAPURA II. Jim is looking forward to seeing the Mercury Class have many years of good racing out of the San Francisco Yacht Club.

1995 Jim Bradley
1996 Pax Davis
1997 Dave West
1998 Pax Davis
1999 Doug Baird
2000 Dave West
2001 Dave West
2002 Bill Worden
2003 Bill Worden
2004 Doug Baird
2005 Doug Baird
2006 Dave West
2007 Doug Baird
2008 J Skinner
2009 J Hansen
2010 Pax Davis
2011 R Smith
2012 No wind
2013 R Smith
2014 R Smith
2015 R Smith
2016 S Jeppesen
2017 R Smith 
2018 Lanzafame
2019 S Easom
2020 Not Held
2021 J Ravizza
2022 J Ravizza

Coen Carmiggelt Memorial Trophy
This trophy was donated by the parents of Coen Carmiggelt after his death at a young age.. Coen started a Mercury fleet at Lakeport on Clear Lake. He purchased 543 and his father, Hans bought 541. Several other Mercs were purchased by their nieghbors and a new fleet was born. The 1979 National Championships were sailed at the lake and again in 1993. Coen not only raced at the lake, but also came to the bay area to participate. The trophy is awarded to the winner of a designated regatta in the annual NORCAL Series.

1999 432 Doug Baird Michael Baird
2002 580 Pax Davis Richard Hubbert
2003 432 Bill Worden Katie Worden
2004 508 Doug Baird Michael Baird
2005 508 Doug Baird Michael Baird
2006 580 Pax Davis Aaron Lee
2007 508 Doug Baird Chris Messano
2008 580 Pax Davis Dave Morris
2009 508 Doug Baird Michael Baird
2010 429 Dave West Chris Krueger
2011 574 John Skinner John Selbach
2012 571 Hal McCormack Anne McCormack
2013 571 Hal McCormack Anne McCormack
2014 508 Doug Baird Michael Baird
2015 553 Jim Bradley Kathy Bradley
2016 580 Pax Davis Aaron Lee
2017 553 Jim Bradley Kathy Bradley
2018 508 Doug Baird Hal McCormack
2019 543 Randy Smith Theresa Peek 
2020   Not held  
2021 429 Dave West Chris Krueger
2022 562 John Hansen Tony Basso

Don Lee Perpetual Trophy For The LAYC Mercury Class Pacific Coast Championship
Don Lee was the west coast distributor of Cadillac automobiles in the 1920's, who made coachbuilt cars for the Hollywood elite. In 1927, he purchased Los Angeles radio station KHJ. In 1931, he became the first television broadcaster in Los Angeles. His experimental transmitter was placed on the ridge above the Hollywood sign. That peak is still known as Mount Lee, and that station is now KCBSTV. Don Lee raced cars and sailboats. He died in 1934 of a sudden heart attack. The Don Lee Trophy was lost for more than 30 years. Its connection with the Mercury Class was rediscovered in early 2014.  A search for the trophy eventually led to SCYA, where, for unknown reasons, it had been sent for safe keeping. The trophy was returned to LAYC, but its base was missing and it had long ago seen better days. In the Spring of 2014, a custom ebony base was fabricated by Southern California Trophy Company and the trophy was refinished and silver plated. LAYC's Mercury Class Pacific Coast Championship was born not long after.
2014 Chris Raab Kenny Dair 570
2015 Chris Raab Kenny Dair  570
2016 Doug Baird Chris Messano 508
2017 Chris Raab Kenny Dair 570
2018 Mike Burch Kristen Burch 472
2019 Don Whelan Kyle Vaughn  466
2020 Russ Silvestri Randy Hecht 471
2021 Mike Burch Kyle Burch 472
2022 John Ravizza John Buestad 537


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